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Newton Software Solutions Limited (NSSL) is a UK based private limited company. All products and services offered on this site are owned by Newton Software Solutions Ltd. This web site exists to distribute NSSL's products and describe other services offered by NSSL.

Software Products

Newton Software has three products. These applications are all written for Microsoft Windows. A brief description of these is shown here, for more details on these click the link under the "products" menu.

Report Maker : Report Maker is a utility designed for teachers which enables pupil reports to be generated very quickly. Since its initial release in 1996 Report Maker has evolved into a professional product that is used by teachers, schools and other organisations worldwide.

Clone : Clone is an easy to use file backup utility. Clone can be configured to carry out automated backups of your critical data. Once you have configured Clone you need take no further action to ensure all your important data is backed up.

Shutdown Timer : Shutdown Timer is an easy to use utility than allows you to schedule a shutdown, reboot or logoff. These actions can be carried out at any scheduled time in the future.

Other Services

As well as selling the products above Newton Software Solutions Ltd. provides the following services :-
  • Bespoke changes to any of the products on this site.
  • Training in any of the products on this site.
  • Web Site creation
  • Software Design / Development for new projects. Newton Software Solutions Ltd specialises in :-
    • Windows development
    • Windows software <--> Database interfacing
    • Oracle Database design and development including Forms, Reports and SQL tuning and optimisation.
    • Data warehouse design.
    • Independent review of Software Designs.
    • User Interface Design specialist.
If you are interested in any of the above services send us an email.
 Report Maker
Great tool - I can produce a class set of ICT reports in just under an hour - compared with over 2 hours the old fashioned way. What's more, because I spent a lot of time and effort on producing the comment bank, I think the end result is a higher quality and more informative document. I (almost) look forward to the next round of reports !!!
 Comment by Bob Lockhart
I'll be recommending this utility to anyone who needs a back-up solution that is functional without a lot of overblown code.
 Shutdown Timer
Simple and effective. Great little utlity!

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