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Download Clone

You can download Clone here. This will allow you a 30 day trial period. All the features of Clone are operational during the trial period. If you are unsure whether Clone is for you can can download the standalone help file. The help file will allow you to get an good idea of what Clone's main features.

Click Icon to download Download Description File Size.
Self Installing exe, CloneSetup.exe (the quickest way to install clone) 1MB
Clone Help file (included above). This file, which includes an interactive demonstration, should give you an insight into Clone without having to download the full program 334 kb
Install File for the Previous Version of Clone (v2) Only download this if you want the old version, i.e. you are a registered user on version 2 and you do not want to upgrade. 3MB
 Comment by Steve Thomas
I want to thank you for Clone which has saved all my files for me. I had used Clone to backup all my files to a second hard drive just before the C drive failed so I have been able to get them all back.
 Comment by Todd Kargl
I ordered Clone this morning ! I love it and wonít be able to live without it !!!!! I finally got around to using it with my CD writer last night and I didnít have any problems (as I expected !). It works perfectly and saves so much time !
 Comment by Bob Lockhart
I'll be recommending this utility to anyone who needs a back-up solution that is functional without a lot of overblown code.

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